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How does RentFund work?

The old way of renting is broken and outdated. Landlords and tenants are constantly in a tug of war against each other, when they don’t have to be. RentFund makes renting simple by providing a win-win solution for everyone. Tenants are incentivized to take better care of the landlords rental properties by getting 5% or more of each rental payment put into an investment for their future. When the tenant decides to move and the property has been well taken care of the funds can be withdrawn or transferred into the next place they move. If the property has not been taken care of the landlord would receive the funds to compensate for their loss. Tenants can turn their rent into an investment and build financial freedom renting. And landlords can be confident their rental properties are being taken care of by a tenant they can trust. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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