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All users are required to verify their RentFund account with a government issued photo ID and a selfie.

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Easily verify rent payments by securely connecting a bank account or providing other required documentation.

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Every verified rent payment will build credit score.
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Start your journey with RentFund today.

RentFund gives a 5% cashback credit to all members to put towards the purchase of a home. Once members are ready to purchase a home, RentFund will connect them with our trusted partners that will walk them step-by-step through the home-buying process, making it a stress-free experience.

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Start claiming your 5% cashback credit with each rent payment.

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Once your ready to buy RentFund will connect you with our partners.

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Find a property to purchase and get the funds sent in the form of a down payment.

Our partners are ready
to serve you.

The RentFund preferred parters are dedicated to serving our members at the highest level.

Real Estate Agents

RentFund collaborates with reputable real estate agents to deliver top-tier service to our members.

Mortgage Brokers

RentFund partners with esteemed mortgage brokers to provide our members with the highest level of service.

Real Estate Lawyers

RentFund collaborates with seasoned real estate lawyers to ensure our members receive the highest level of legal support.

Affiliate Partners

RentFund forges alliances with trusted affiliate partners to deliver unparalleled services and benefits to our members.

Don't take our word for it.

Hari Sourabh

From the straightforward application process to the transparent terms and conditions, RentFund has exceeded my expectations at every step. The money I am saving will be used for my first house's downpayment.

Samantha Gushue

I had a great experience setting up my rent fund account. After my documents were submitted, there were some questions that needed more verification, but once I explained, my rent fund was accepted and set up the same day. The support team was quick and efficient and very responsive. I'm excited to become a home owner in my prospective future with my rent funds accumulating.

Ashley Fast

It has been such a positive experience for me, it was streamlined and very easy to sign up and all questions I had were answered promptly! 5 stars!

Steven Hennessey

I just had my first rent payment verified, I received $70 (5% of my $1400/month rent) towards a future house purchase!!!!!! IT COST ME $9.99/ month to make $70….. I wish I could signup twice, this is a no brainer.

Marty Lingg

So far, everything has been very simple to setup and it’s been great seeing the 5% of my rent, increasing my fund balance!

Chris Fritz

RentFund is an amazing and the best idea for personal growth and development for all renters . It is a no brainer for all who wish to prosper in this day and age with mortgages increasing annually. Make people proud again to own your home and not give your money away to someone else.

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Verify rent payments

Simply & securely verify your last rent payment by providing the required information. (Your landlord does not have to agree to this)


Get 5% back

With each verified rent payment, you will get a 5% cashback credit that you can put towards the purchase of a home.

Simple pricing.

We've got plans that work for any budget.

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Memberships are only available to purchase in the app
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Starting at
Memberships are only available to purchase in the app

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