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The story of how we got started on RentFund

It all started with the mission to help people benefit financially
from their rent payment.

January 202

Began market research and discovery to determine if this would be a viable solution for the current rental market.

The idea sprung up and the magic questions was asked, "what if you could turn your rent into an investment?" After talking to over 100+ prospective customers it was determined RentFund was a viable solution.

Thomas Deneve presenting RentFund

May 2022

RentFund was founded by Thomas Deneve for the purpose of creating a win-win solution for everyone in the rental space.

His vision was to help tenants benefit financially from the place they live, which will in turn encourage them to take better care of the place they are renting.

Thomas Deneve, founder and CEO of RentFund

November 2022

Launched a beta test in Edmonton Alberta with an MVP and acquired live users to test and improve the product.

As RentFund is growing we are focused on our user experience and ensuring that every step of the process is smooth and stress free.

Happy customer showing the RentFund app


RentFund is focused on growing and developing more awareness all across North America.

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Here's the pitchdeck for interested investors and VC's to download and review. Please email to get access.

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