How to collect rental payments every month

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February 24, 2023

Collecting rent is a crucial part of being a landlord, but it can also be a challenging task. Late rent payments can cause cash flow problems and put a strain on your relationship with your tenants. Here are some tips for collecting rent every month on time.

Establish clear rent payment expectations

Make sure your tenants know exactly when rent is due, how to make payments, and the consequences of late payments. This can help avoid misunderstandings and ensure that rent is paid on time each month. 

Offer multiple payment options 

Giving your tenants a choice of payment methods can make it easier for them to pay on time. Offer options such as online rent payment platforms like RentFund can be a very valuable thing to your tenants and eliminate most of your headaches when it comes to collecting rental payments every month.

Send timely reminders 

A friendly reminder can go a long way in ensuring that rent is paid on time. Send a rent reminder a few days before the due date to prompt tenants to make their payments. When you are using a platform like RentFund this step would automatically be done for you, giving you more of your time back to focus on other things.

Implement a late payment fee 

If rent is consistently late, consider implementing a late payment fee. This can be an effective motivator for tenants to pay on time and can also help cover any costs associated with late payments. RentFund offers this feature automatically to all our landlords to ensure payments aren’t late for landlords and they receive their rent on time, all the time.

Consider automatic rent payments

Automatic rent payments can be a convenient and reliable way to ensure that rent is paid on time every month. Tenants can set up automatic payments through their bank or through a rent payment platform like RentFund, and you can be confident that rent will be paid on the due date each month.

Communicate openly with tenants

If a tenant is having trouble paying rent, open communication can help resolve the issue and prevent future late payments. Work with the tenant to come up with a solution that works for both of you, such as setting up a payment plan or adjusting the due date. Some of the things RentFund offers our tenants would be support to ensure they can make their rental payments on-time and if they can’t we help provide a solution.

Use a rent tracking system 

Keeping track of rent payments can be time-consuming and prone to errors, especially if you're managing multiple properties. Consider using a rent tracking system to keep track of rent payments and overdue rent. This can help you stay organized and avoid any confusion about which tenants have paid and which have not. Landlords that use RentFund can easily see how much revenue they have generated that month and see who has paid rent and who hasn’t with a simple click of a button.

Set up automatic late rent fee charges 

Implementing a late payment fee can be an effective motivator for tenants to pay on time, but it can also be time-consuming to manually charge late fees each month. Consider setting up automatic late fee charges through your rent tracking system or rent payment platform to save time and avoid errors. This is automatically done with RentFund and would be something that is standard procedure across the platform.

Offer incentives for on-time rent payments

In addition to implementing late payment fees, consider offering incentives for tenants who pay their rent on time. This can help build a positive relationship with your tenants and encourage them to pay on time in the future. Tenants that are paying rent through RentFund receive a massive incentive not only to pay rent on-time but to also take care of your rental property as if it was their own.

Follow up promptly on overdue rent

If a tenant's rent payment is overdue, it's important to follow up promptly to resolve the issue. Send a polite reminder to the tenant and discuss possible solutions, such as setting up a payment plan or adjusting the due date. If the issue persists, it may be necessary to take legal action.

Protect yourself with a written lease agreement 

Having a written lease agreement in place can help protect your rights as a landlord and provide a clear understanding of the terms of the rental agreement. The lease agreement should clearly outline the rent due date, payment methods, late fees, and other important information. 

Collecting rent every month can be a challenge, but with the right strategies in place, and using the right tool (RentFund) you can make the process easier and more efficient. By establishing clear rent payment expectations, offering online payment options, sending timely reminders, implementing a late payment fee, considering automatic rent payments, and communicating openly with tenants, you can ensure that rent is collected on time every month.

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